Hi, I'm Paulette Ross and I am one of two original members that started U.R. I love being apart of Upper Room whether it be singing, working our table, or traveling on the bus; just being a part of the group makes me happy. I know the life of each U.R. member and the reason they dedicate their life to traveling and singing, so I feel blessed to be a member.  I have three sons, Nub, Mike and Jason. One daughter-in-law, Gidget and I hope soon another daughter-in-law, Chrissy. I have two very beautiful granddaughters, Samantha Ray (who loves to sing) and Jaymi Macheal (who is just starting to show an interest in singing). If you are reading this it means you are on our web site so I would love to hear from you! Send me an e-mail message and it will make my day. If you want to hear more about Sammi and Jaymi, call me, we'll talk for hours! ~May God richly bless you! Paulette

David Lambert is the wheel in the middle of the wheel of Upper Room! He plays guitar and banjo for the group and sings the bass, tenor and lead parts. He books our appointments, drives the bus (and keeps it in running order) and even built the garage to park the bus in! When he isn't doing all this for the group, he works full time as a construction worker. David has furnished U.R. with two wonderful singers; Stacy, his oldest daughter sang with the group for about 3 years, then married Alex Jackson and moved to Tennessee for a while but thank God they have found their way back home. Stacy and Alex have recently made David and his wife Gail grandparents ! Grandma and Grandpa know everyone wants to see the most beautiful baby in the world, so just click HERE for a few photos! Daughter Andrea did a wonderful job singing with the group until the fall of 2001when she decided to not travel so much and let a little grass grow under her feet.  David and Gail have purchased 38 acres and are planning to build a new home sometime in the future. The reason David didn't write his own bio is that it would have cut into the hour he has set aside to sleep each day ! If you know someone who can play guitar and do the other jobs David does for the group and is willing to work for the same pay he does.. .... Please call 1-800- I Work Cheap!

Hello, my name is Jessica Adkins. I have a wonderful family and a twin sister that I love dearly. Among my many talends 
(ha ! ha !) I play fiddle, guitar and piano. I also sing with my own family in my spare time. I enjoy all kinds of sports such as volleyball, softball and I am part of the County/ State Chorus at my school. In my spare time I like to sit on my porch and just sing bluegrass gospel songs. That would be a little bit about me. Hope to see you at our shows ! ~ Jessica 



The most important member of 
Upper Room - it gets us where
we're going !

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