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Upper Room...

Up-Close and Personal ?

Recording a new project at 3:00 am can be
a "hair-raising experience, just ask Upper Room !
But if anyone is up to the task, these guys are !
Upper Room had the honor of 
singing at the Mountaineer
Opry House in Milton, WV. with 
"Rarely Heard". It was a wonderful
night of old time blue grass music!
Rarely Heard members Allen Stack, Jim 
Stack, Jeff Weaver and Ned Luber pose
with Upper Room members Johnny Gowan, 
Bucky Hall, Paulette Ross, George Brown,
Andrea Lambert, David Lambert and 
WOKE"Country 98.8" D.J. Bo McCarty. 
"The Bo Man" hosts a Bluegrass Gospel 
music show on Sundays from 7-12:00 
David, HOW big did you say that fish 
was that got away ?
"Now George I understand how nervous 
you are being the newest member
of Upper Room, but I don't 
think a tourniquet on your neck will 
help any !"
Bucky, what did we tell you about using
that STEROID wax on your guitar !
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